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The Tevya Connection

Camp Tevya, we will pledge to thee, our everlasting loyalty!

Thank you
for a fantastic 80th Reunion!

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Welcome to The Tevya Connection… bringing alumni and parents together! Through the partnership of volunteers from the alumni and parent communities, The Tevya Connection is dedicated to enhancing the year-round Tevya experience for the entire Tevya community. The Tevya Connection supports Alumni Events, Camper Recruitment, Fundraising, Host Family Coordination for International Staff, Organizing Camp Tours, and Parent Connections.

The Tevya Connection is the evolution of the Tevya Alumni Group, which began in 2012. As the new Tevya Director in 2012, Mindee Greenberg embraced a group of alumni who were eager to support camp. This Tevya Alumni Group was born with Ellen Yesley Silberman (BTC ’77) and Joel Silberman (BTC ’76) serving as founding co-chairs. Ellen Martin Ades (BTC ’76), a current Boys Head Counselor, also stepped into the role of Alumni Coordinator. There were also about a dozen alumni from different generations who were committed to giving back to camp.

Over the past few years, this group has created some exciting and important programs such as our recent reunion celebrating 80 Years of Tevya, our annual parent reception during the Thanksgiving weekend camp reunion, allowing parents to meet and connect; a program of welcome calls to parents of new campers from parent “ambassadors”; the 2013 Tevya Trot, that raised money to build the Seth Feldman Fitness Center; and a series of alumni events to target the various different generations of Tevya alumni – just to name a few.

This group goes beyond our alumni and includes the entire Tevya parent community, too. All of us involved feel passionately about Camp Tevya, recognizing that summer experiences at camp helped form who we are today and who our children will grow to be.

We invite you to join our mission of supporting camp through year-round volunteer activities. Please share your passion and join the conversation by joining us for meetings and events throughout the year and/or by co-chairing or serving on one of our subcommittees to support the Tevya community. All Tevya parents and alumni are welcome!

Please email at connect@camptevya.org or contact us via The Cohen Camps’ office at 781.489.2070 to find the best way to get involved in supporting our summer home.

With Tevya Spirit,

Lisa Asher Nagel, The Tevya Connection Co-chair, Mom of Jacob (BTC ’17), Ben (BTC ’19), and Lilah (BTC ’22)
Ellen Martin Ades, Camp Tevya Alumni Coordinator