Chai Match Thank You!

What a way to kick off our 75th Season!

Below, meet the generous donors who met the goal… and EXCEEDED it!

Last fall, JCamp180, a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, selected Tevya as one of just 18 camps nationwide to push ourselves to new heights by challenging us to secure two gifts of $9,000 apiece. JCamp180 pledged to match those gifts in order to create a total pool of $36,000 to be used in a Phase 2 matching challenge. Tevya alumni Michael London and Ric and Caren Bobroff embraced this challenge, and we are so deeply grateful to them for their leadership.

Then in February, Tevya came to the whole community with the Tevya Chai Match Challenge, an opportunity to work together to enhance the long-term effectiveness of Camp Tevya. Tevya alumni and friends would have to raise at least $108,000 this spring, all in gifts of $1,800+, so that Camp Tevya could access this $36,000 in matching funds.

I am so pleased, humbled, honored and grateful to share with you that this community met and EXCEEDED that goal, contributing over $118,000. Add in the matching funds, and the Tevya Chai Match has put together over $154,000 to further Camp Tevya’ s mission and grow even stronger for campers today and in the future, supporting key capital projects and more, some of which will be ready in time for Summer 2014.

We gratefully honor the Tevya alumni, parents and
friends from so many generations for their contributions:

Susan Abramowitz
Phillip & Ellen Martin Ades
Peter Alpert
Caren & Ric Bobroff
Joe Boyer & Trudy Bortz
Marty Bresler
Jill Busny
Amy Tucker Carroll
Annebelle & Arnold Cohen
Etahn Cohen
Jonathan Cohen
Arnie & Susan Coran
Phil Drasner
Ariel & Stefani Feingold Cuschnir
Elaine & David Feingold
Jon& Anne Feingold
Karen Fass Friedberg
Alan Friedberg
Rich Gelles
Dan & Jeannie Goldstone
Ed Goldfinger
Bob Greene
Mark & Pamela Gordon Greene
Jill Greenspan Ziplow
Jim & Sheryl Hirsch
Ruth & Margie Kaplan
The Karas Family
Alex and Stacy Kaufman Emanuel
Jennifer Kovitz Gunzberg & Family

Michael & Miki Leibowitz
Mike Leven
Judith Levine Luskin
Nancy Levitan Poorvu
Michael London
Mindee Meltzer
Ina Meyer Portnoy & Family
Chuck Posternak
Adam Rockmore
Neal Rose
Wendy (in memory of Dick) Rubin
Mark Schneider
Shelley Shapiro
Allen & Debbie Sheldon
Steve & Cindy Shapiro Siagel
Sue & Bob Sigel & Family
Josh & Erica Sigel
Zack & Erica Blick Sigel
Joel & Ellen Yesley Silberman
Debby & Jon Sloane
Eliot & Barbara Spack
Norm & Ruth Spack
Scott Sparr
David Strauss
Barbara Stevens
Steven Van Dam
Larry Wolfe
Bob & Fredda Shapiro Zaiger
Ron & Joan Zaiger

List complete as of 9/18/14

Would you like to join the Chai Match? You still can!

Let’s show JCamp180 how high we can go! Only 1/3 of your pledge is due within 60 days; you can have over two years, until September 18, 2016, for the rest. Please contact Barbara Stevens (Tevya 1972-1983), The Cohen Camps Development Director, at or 781.489.2070, or make your donation online:
Give 2 Tevya Chai Match Now