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  • At Passover We Say, “NEXT year in Jerusalem.” For Our Teens, It’s Got To Be “THIS year.”

    By Barbara Stevens, Camp Tevya Alumna and Cohen Camps Development Director Imagine you’re a Camp Tevya teen. The Dor L’Dor Israel Leadership Program—an extraordinary joint experience for each camp’s oldest campers—is something you’ve heard about and have looked forward to ever since you were a young camper. The reading of DLD letters from Israel back […]

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  • Meet Our 2016 Head Counselors

    I am often asked, “What makes Tevya such a warm and inclusive community?” And I am always quick to answer: it is our amazing team. Our staff is made up of students, educators, and parents from the United States, Israel and England, all sharing a common vision of helping every camper grow into their best […]

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  • The Traditions That Make Tevya Home

    Tonight, like many of you, I will be sitting around a table with my family and friends telling the story of the Jewish people’s journey from Egypt. Our celebrations will be filled with laughter and warmth as we realize that the passing down of the informal family traditions such as Grandma Dolores’s fluffy matzah balls, […]

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