Monthly Archives:July 2018

  • Week of Community

    Friday the 13th 2018 was a Shabbat that we will always remember.  I was sitting with a group of campers when the electricity went out. We quickly learned that a car accident caused a black out in the entire town. While my biggest worry was how we were going to cook dinner for 500 people, […]

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  • Week of Wisdom

    Dear Tevya Community, “Who is wise? One who learns from all people.  Who is honored?  One who honors everyone.”  Last Shabbat we introduced the value of the week, wisdom, through the Torah portion, Pinchus.  We learned that a person who is wise never stops learning. A person who is wise takes time to listen and […]

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  • A Week of Celebrating the Courage of our Community

    Dear Tevya Community, I sit at a picnic table on this Friday afternoon, measuring the passing of time by the number of Shabbats that we celebrate as a camp community.  As we prepare for our second Shabbat of the summer, I watch campers run from bunk to bunk to borrow clothes and to help each […]

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