Avery’s Mitzvah

  • Deborah Meer (upper left) from her Birya ’88 bunk picture, and her mom (lower left) from her own Camp YJ bunk picture.

    I remember the first time I met Avery Meer and his family in their New York Apartment in the Spring of 2015.  Avery’s mother, Deborah, was a Camp Tevya alum (Birya ’88) and was considering sending Avery to her alma mater.  We had so much fun that night, and I couldn’t wait to welcome Avery into our Tevya family.

    Avery quickly embraced life at Camp Tevya, loving everything about camp, and says his favorite things at camp are “singing the Birkat, going sailing, going to services, playing 4-Square, eating grilled cheese and watching the sunset over Lake Potanipo.”  When I think about Avery at camp, I think about his camp ruach (spirit), and as he confirms, “I am also the most enthusiastic singer at camp. I remember when we were in Shira, I was singing so loudly, over Dan Wulf’s guitar, that he gave me a shout-out.”

    Avery credits Tevya with helping him discover the joy of being Jewish. As he was choosing a Tikkun Olam project in preparation for becoming a Bar Mitzvah in June 2018, Avery wanted to do something that was meaningful to him. He wanted to help other children experience the joy of Camp Tevya, as he did, and chose to raise money for the Camp Tevya scholarship Fund.  By raising money for scholarships, he is helping to ensure that more children have the opportunity to play 4-square, to sail and to sing at Camp Tevya.  Thank you to Avery and his family for thinking of camp.

    Click here to read more about Avery’s Mitzvah project.

    Mazel Tov, Avery, and Todah Rabah! Thank you for giving back.

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