Camp Tevya is a Happy Place

  • Throughout the week I have given multiple tours of camp to families who are interested in joining the Tevya community next year. As these families watch our campers in activities and see our staff supporting our kids, I hear one comment over and over again: “Everyone is so happy here.” I don’t think there is any feedback that could make me feel more proud of the community that has been created over the past 2 weeks.

    I saw this happiness myself in a bunk when one camper happily held a flashlight for another camper as she wrote a letter to her counselor telling her how much she loved camp. I felt this happiness during free play when I sat with a group of girls who were talking about being camp sisters. I heard this happiness in the voice of a camper as she proudly told me that she got into the water up to her neck even though last week she was afraid of the water. Yes, Camp Tevya is a happy place.

    In addition to our family tours, we had a few special visitors this week. Harrell Wittenstein, the Executive Director of the Association of Independent Jewish Camps, came to visit camp as part of his summer camp tour. Camp Tevya and the other Cohen Camps recently joined this new organization which will provide resources and support to camps. We also welcomed visitors from Boston’s CJP. We were honored to show them around camp so they could see how their hard work with the camping initiative impacts the lives of Jewish children.

    Our second week of camp was filled with games and trips. On Sunday, we participated in the CYJ Doubles Tennis Tournament, and we hosted our annual Volleyball Tournament. We loved welcoming other camps to Tevya, and we are proud of the positive sportsmanship and teamwork that was shown by all players. Congratulations to the Tevya Volleyball team on your first place win. Three basketball tournaments were held on Monday. Our 9th and 10th graders (Bogs) traveled to CYJ, our 7th and 8th graders (Tsofs) traveled to Camp Tel Noar and we hosted the 3rd -6th graders (Oles). All teams played great and had fun. Mazel Tov to our Tsof team for finishing first place in their tournament. This morning we had a game day with Camp Tel Noar. Games included Newcomb, Volleyball and Softball.

    When our campers were not playing in tournaments, they were enjoying trips out of camp. Birya and Tel Chai (our 10th graders) left early Tuesday morning for their annual white water rafting trip at 3 Rivers in Maine. Both campers and staff reported that the overnight trip was amazing. Kinneret and Tel Yehuda (our 9th graders) left a few hours later for their overnight trip to the Appalachian Mountain Club where they hiked and then traveled the next day to the Attitash Alpine Slides.

    While our oldest campers were gone, the rest of the camp enjoyed the rides at Canobie Lake Amusement Park.   The fun continued back at camp on Thursday night. Following our traditional Thursday night BBQ, the Tsof field became a bubble bath for all of our campers. Each group of campers had time to splash in the foam provided by Siagel Productions.

    After a week filled with fun and excitement it is now time to slow things down and get ready for Shabbat. As I look out my office I see our campers dressed in their blue and white heading to the flagpole. Tonight’s Shabbat service will be led by our younger Tsofim and Tsofot, our campers entering 7th grade. The theme is friends, friends, friends. I look forward to hearing their stories about their camp friends and to feeling the happiness of our community.

    It is hard to believe that in just one week, our happy campers and staff will be preparing for our final Shabbat of first session. Okay, I can’t think about that yet so I can truly enjoy this Shabbat.

    Shabbat shalom.

    With Tevya Spirit,


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