Chai Match EXCEEDED! Thank you!

  • Wow. Thank you. You met the Chai Match goal – and then EXCEEDED it, unlocking all those matching funds. Your Tevya Spirit is inspiring. I just want to share how rewarding and meaningful I found the conversations I was so privileged to experience over these past week weeks, leading to this incredible moment.

    As many of you know, I rejoined The Cohen Camps this winter. Thirteen summers at Tevya (1972-1984) and I’ve always been drawn back home by my camp friends. What’s more, through the Chai Match effort, I cherish new friendships with so many Tevya alumni, parents, and friends. Our paths had not crossed before, but I am so, so glad they did.

    I cannot thank each of you enough for your generous support and encouragement. It’s also been so much fun: I LOVE hearing YOUR Tevya stories, the stories that collectively make up OUR Tevya history. It’s that rich history we weave of multi-generational community that ties us all to that magical place on Lake Potanipo.

    These stories amaze me and enhance my love for Tevya. Some of them made me laugh so hard I fell over. You’ll have to come to the 75th Season Alumni Reunion in June (click here for info and to register!) to swap stories yourself under the pines and the stars. As one of you (who shall remain unnamed here) told me, “Some stories cannot be told.”

    If you didn’t get a chance to read our Tevya Chai Match announcement by email yesterday (Alumni, are you not on the email list? Sign up here.), here’s what all the excitement is about:

    Last fall, JCamp180, a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, selected Tevya as one of just 18 camps nationwide to push ourselves to new heights, challenging us to secure two gifts of $9,000 apiece. JCamp180 pledged to match those gifts in order to create a total pool of $36,000 to be used in a Phase 2 matching challenge. Tevya alumni Michael London and Ric and Caren Bobroff embraced this challenge, and we are so deeply grateful to them for their leadership.

    Then in February, Tevya came to the whole community with the Tevya Chai Match Challenge, an opportunity to work together to enhance the long-term effectiveness of Camp Tevya. Tevya alumni, parents, and friends would have to raise at least $108,000 this spring, all in gifts of $1,800+, so that Camp Tevya could access this $36,000 in matching funds.

    I am so pleased, humbled, honored and grateful to share with you that this community met and BEAT that goal contributing over $118,000.

    Add in the matching funds, and the Tevya Chai Match has put together over $154,000 to further Camp Tevya’ s mission and grow even stronger for campers today and in the future.

    We gratefully honor the Tevya alumni and friends from so many generations for their contributions. Please click here to see the honor roll of all the Chai Match donors. Mindee, Jonathan and I are deeply grateful for your participation and energy and for the positive, lasting effect your gifts will have on our campers and staff.

    60% of the Chai Match funds will support capital projects, and you’ll feel the difference right away: The Seth Feldman Fitness Center and the Bobroff Beit Shira will both open this summer, and we will dedicate them at the 75th Reunion in June (You didn’t click above? Do it now!). We’ll also start preliminary design work on a Senior Staff/Alumni Visitor House and a shaded ‘Welcome Area’ in front of the offices where families can gather before tours and where staff can meet and plan. Read more about all four projects here.

    During the past month your generosity has furthered my belief that in Tevya spirit: that there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. Tevya loyalty and fortitude are words we live by. It was a privilege and an honor to serve our Tevya community in this Chai Match.  I’ll never tire of saying thank you for your support of our mission and the love and loyalty you have for Tevya. So let me close with…

    With faith in our purpose…we’ll strive for Camp Tevya, bring glory to her name.

    Barbara (Barbie) Stevens, Birya ’77

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