Color War 2019

  • Dear Tevya community:

    After the week we have had, we are very much looking forward to the peace and relaxation that comes with Shabbat!

    Last Sunday night our Olim and Olot went to Max’s Country Golf for a night of golfing, bumper boats and fun out of camp.  The Tsofim and Tsofot also had their second session evening trip and finally had their turn at Chunky’s, where they saw the Lion King movie.  With everyone else out of camp, the Bogrim and Bogrot enjoyed having camp to themselves.  They spent the evening going through a planetarium prepared by our Israeli delegation. Birya and Tel Chai also did a special bonding activity with their counselors while Kinneret and Tel Yehuda worked on banquet.  Working in committees like centerpieces, invitations, tables, entrance, and entertainment, these teens plan an elaborate event for the entire camp.  Every group comes together and becomes a closer age group as they work together on banquet.  While I don’t want to think about banquet because I know that means the end of camp, I do want you to know how impressed I am to see this group working on this event.

    Monday was a normal day of activities except for our campers who were preparing to participate in the Jewish Arts Festival.  This festival is a showcase of Israeli song and dance that is held at a different Jewish camp each summer and was held at Camp Tel Noar this summer. Seven camps showcased their interpretation of the theme “Shevel Achim V’Achayot – Celebrating community through diversity”.  It was wonderful to take the stage with our friends at Camp Tel Noar, Camp Pembroke, Camp Young Judaea, Yavneh, Bauercrest and Camp JORI. I was so proud of our campers who did a great job and clearly had fun performing too!

    The Color War chants continued, “ 1,2,3 4 we want color war,” and after second period on Tuesday no one had to wait any longer.  As we announced the end of second period, the traditional Color War break song “Eye of the Tiger” started playing and everyone was called to the dance mats.  As the entire camp gathered together, 9 foot characters approached giving out balloons and interacting with our campers.  It was exciting and festive! Keeping with tradition, all of Birya and Tel Chai formed two big circles as captains were announced.  They all hold hands in true support and unification as an age group through the announcements and then all join together for a BTC meeting to start planning Color War as an age group. After lunch and rest hour, everyone went down to the beach for Heart Dig. Until this event the teams are identified as Team 1,2,3, and 4, but as pieces of the heart are revealed they become Sharon (red), Galil (white), Negev (blue) and Yarden (yellow). Sharon found their piece first, but it did not take long for all 4 teams to find their piece and know their team identity.

    The next event was the Key to Competition.  For this event everyone gathers around the Bog field and clues are given, one at a time, to direct captains to where the large wooden key is hidden. A short amount of time is given for them to run to where they think it is hidden before they are called back to receive the next clue.  This year the key was buried under leaves between the soccer field and basketball courts. While it was difficult to find, Galil did find it after the last clue.  I am sure you can imagine the cheers that erupted from the team as the Galil Captain came running back to the field holding the key up high!

    Tuesday night was an event called Culture Bowl, a game show like event.  This event starts in three separate locations, with each age group on their own allowing every camper to participate.  In each event, campers sit in rows with the front row holding a metal bowl and spoon.  A question is asked and instead of pressing a buzzer when they know the answer, the campers in the front row bang on the bowl.  At the end of the age group games, everyone gathers in ElBess for the Captain’s Round. Did you know we have 10 sets of twins at camp this session? Or that Dan Wulf has been at camp for 26 summers?

    Wednesday was Maccabiah Games. This day of competition includes unique relay races like a piggyback relay, a shoe scramble, a duck-walk relay and Izzy Dizzy. The morning ends with Tevya’s version of a “marathon,” which is 2 laps around camp. The tug-of-war competition and all camp relay took place in the afternoon.  Wednesday night was Beat the Clock, providing another opportunity for unique “campy” races such as the lifesaver pass, mummy wrap and pie eating contest.

    Wednesday’s long day was rewarded with the announcement of a late-wake up on Thursday. After breakfast and clean up, the teams broke up into two separate events.  The Gordon Games are the land sport competitions which include basketball, kickball and newcomb.  Aquatics Day is the water competition with a variety of swim and boat races in Lake Potanipo.  It is great to see everyone participating in an event either on the land or in the water. As both events finish, everyone gathers together on the waterfront to watch greased watermelon. This is an event that could only happen at camp and is quite the tradition!  In their teams, the oldest campers work together to get a greased watermelon out of the water and on to the dock earning a point when they accomplish this goal. As I sit here and try to explain this extremely competitive game, I realize that there is no way to capture the true essence of a Camp Tevya greased watermelon competition.  Just trust me when I say I’ve never seen anything like it.

    After lunch and rest hour, teams gathered back together to practice for Songfest, my personal favorite event of the summer. Each team prepares a cheer, a fight song, a Hebrew Song, an alma mater and a banner and then presents it to judges in front of the entire camp.  It is hard for me to judge each year as each team sings with such pride and such heart. As I look down from the stage and see their serious and yet smiling faces, I just want to hug them all! Songfest was enhanced by this year’s Color War gift: Tevya light up necklaces in the team colors.  Seeing the room lit up in the 4 color war colors was spectacular and I thought back to our orientation theme of “Be the Light.”

    Today was the Apache Relay. I know I say this about every Color War activity, but it is so hard to explain the awesomeness of this event without seeing it, without feeling it.  This event has campers participating in 94 different events all over camp. There truly is something for everyone and every camper is involved. Some campers do somersaults on the Tsof Field, others walk with a potato on a spoon, others braid a challah and others sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” on the Girl Rec Hall stage.  There is the Adrenaline Force obstacle course on the soccer field and the consecutive free throws on the basketball court. The involvement of each camper towards the team’s end goal makes it so special. The Apache ends on the Bog field where the captains of each team build a fire under a rope until the rope breaks. Coached by Fire Captains from our staff, captains have been learning tips about fire building all week. Congratulations to Negev, who came in first place in Color War 2019.

    Our Dor L’Dor campers returned home to camp following the conclusion of Color War. We missed them while they were in Israel and so happy to have them back at camp, back home.  We started the week without them and on Tuesday we became four Color War teams. This afternoon we are all reunited, four teams plus DLD equals one Tevya community.

    It was a week of great sportsmanship, amazing spirit and true teamwork.  It was a week of healthy competition, supporting teammates, and welcoming home old friends.  It was a week like no other, and it is now over. I am definitely looking forward to the peace and relaxation that comes with Shabbat.

    Shabbat Shalom,


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