Good Bye fom BTC

  • This weekend was our final Shabbat for the 2012 season. Keeping with tradition, services during final Shabbat were led by our oldest

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    campers, our Birya and Tel Chai (BTC). Today I was moved by the words of two members of BTC 2012, Gabe N. and Rachel Schiff. From the mouths of children…I share the gift of Tevya.

    Flip flops in the shower, stacking and slopping, playing 4 square every chance you get, making string bracelets for everyone in your age group, and even royalty all sound like abstract things outside of our Tevya bubble. But these things are some of the things that make us campers come back each and every year. Where else could you spend almost every moment of your day with some of your closest friends? Where else do you have the opportunity to meet new people and make memories that will last a lifetime? Here at Tevya, our community is held together by a special bond. This special bond is friendship. It’s what keeps camp Tevya’s bubble from popping. It’s what makes every day here so special. It’s what keeps our heads up during the good times and the not so good times. It’s what makes staying away from our other friends and family for seven weeks so easy.

    It’s hard to believe how fast we grow up and even harder to believe how fast we grow up together. We all learn from one another, and it helps shape who we are as people, campers, and members of Birya-Tel Chai 2012.

    As camp comes to an end, we just now realize how special these little things are to us. Coming to Tevya in Dalia and Yavneh, we never expected the impact that camp would have on our lives. The friendships created, the lessons learned, and the responsibility we’ve gained have been carried through to our Birya and Tel Chai summer. Coming into this summer knowing that it would be our last, was not something easily accepted. As rising members of Birya and Tel Chai, we were told countless times to not take a single moment for granted. Most of us didn’t realize how important this advice was until we recognized how little time we had left here. As we now reflect on this incredible summer, we only wish we could relive it. If we could have a second chance at these memories and all the little times we took for granted, we’d be sure to ingrain them in our minds. We’d be sure to remember the lesson we have learned. We’ll go home knowing something as little as rowing a boat or even something as big as having found your own identity. We have Tevya to thank for shaping and creating a better us. We couldn’t be happier with how camp has brought out the best in us. As we leave this amazing summer behind us, Birya and Tel Chai want everyone to hear our one last message… cherish every second spent here, take in the smallest of moments, and don’t wait until your last summer to start. We hope every single one of you had a summer as good as ours. Although that summer is almost over, and it will be another ten months until you’re home again, know that camp friends aren’t just friends at camp; they are the best friends you will ever have. Birya and Tel Chai of 2012 are so sad to have to say goodbye. Although we hate to admit it, we know the camp life will go on without us. To next year’s campers, we hope the first 5 weeks of summer 2013 are great. To Birya and Tel Chai, remember to thank your friends for making memories that will last forever.

    We Love You!

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