Meet Our 2016 Head Counselors

  • I am often asked, “What makes Tevya such a warm and inclusive community?” And I am always quick to answer: it is our amazing team. Our staff is made up of students, educators, and parents from the United States, Israel and England, all sharing a common vision of helping every camper grow into their best selves. Our Leadership team includes our Head Counselors and our Department Heads. Over the next two months before camp begins, I will be introducing these team members to you. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with our six Head Counselors, our first staff to be introduced. These individuals help create community in the bunks by providing support and resources to our counselors, connecting with and assisting our campers, and partnering and communicating with our parents. Tevya is so lucky to have these passionate and caring individuals on our team.

    Stacey Smalley: Olot (3rd-6th Grade Girls)

    Good morning and happy Spring, Camp Tevya!!  My name is Stacey Smalley, and I am so excited to be the Olot Head Counselor. There is nothing like the fabulous chatter, energy and excitement that comes from the youngest of the girls areas at camp. I can’t wait to tie-dye t-shirts, play jacks, take nature walks, watch you take care of the animals, and observe the friendships that form and grow every summer. This morning, I was taking a walk…. I heard birds, smelled the crisp fresh air, saw a beautiful sun rising in the sky. All I could think of was the beautiful sunrises and sunsets over Lake Potanipo at camp! The warmth of the summer sun is soon upon us! I have been a Camp Tevya camper, counselor, and been on the Leadership Team for a combination of 14 years. Many years ago, when I was in college and a bunk counselor at Tevya, I was mostly found on the tennis courts and in the Olot area. During my last summer as a bunk counselor, I was the Head of Tennis and the oldest girls, Birya, counselor. A couple of summers ago, I was the Tsofot Head Counselor. All in all, I have really had a chance to delve deeply into the 3 girls’ groups (Olot, Tsofot, and Bogrot) during all my time at Tevya. During the off season, I teach Latin and am the Language Department Chair and Wellness Coordinator at The Fessenden School in Newton. Get ready for lots of fun and friendship in the Olot area!!

    Ellen (Martin) Ades: Olim (3rd-6th Grade Boys)

    Ellen AdesHi, I’m Ellen (Martin) Ades. This will be my 8th summer as the Olim Head Counselor and my 15th summer overall. I grew up at Tevya as a camper, CIT, counselor, and Mom of four campers who later became counselors (and my oldest daughter even met her husband here too!). As you can imagine, Camp Tevya is my family’s second home. I love being the “mom” in the Boys Area. The boys keep me on my toes and make me smile every day! During the off-season, I am also Camp Tevya’s Alumni Coordinator and work in the camp winter office helping out wherever needed. I love sharing my passion for Tevya to help people connect with camp. In my downtime, I enjoy being with my family and staying active by walking, running, and taking pure barre classes. I am so excited for another fun summer and meeting all of our new campers!

    Lauren Fishman: Tsofot (7th-8th Grade Girls)

    Lauren FishmanI am so excited to return to Camp Tevya for my second summer as Tsofot Head Counselor! As a child I went to a Jewish day camp and then to Camp Pembroke for a few summers, followed by working at a local Jewish camp. Going to camp both as a camper and a counselor truly helped shape the adult I am today. My husband, Dave, grew up coming to Tevya and is excited to spend another summer here too! I have my master’s in Education and was a Fifth Grade teacher in Newton before becoming a full-time stay at home mom to our three children, Molly (9), Sam (7), and Ethan (4.5). While the kids are at school, I currently work from home with a health and wellness company, helping people to become their healthiest selves, which I love! Helping people and developing them to be their best selves is also something that I love about camp. There is such an amazing opportunity for everyone to grow and learn in the camp environment. It’s very special for me to be a part of that, and the memories that are created at Tevya. I look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces soon!

    Ben Silberman: Tsofim (7th-8th Grade Boys)

    Ben SilbermanHi everybody! My name is Ben Silberman and this will be my 10th summer at Camp Tevya, and first as the Tsofim Head Counselor. I was a camper from 2003 to 2008, a CIT in 2009 and a Counselor in 2010. While taking a 5-year hiatus from camp, I graduated Union College with a degree in Environmental Engineering, and began considering how I could get the most out of life. Sure enough, my decisions brought me back to camp last summer as the Head of Athletics and a bunk counselor. I never imagined I’d have the opportunity to return to Tevya, working alongside a group of engaging and passionate counselors. Now, I’m finding ways to continue coming back to camp. I spent my past winter working as a line cook at the Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge at the base of Alta Ski Resort in exchange for ski turns. Once the snow melts, I am returning east to work as a teacher for Nature’s Classroom on Lake George, teaching 5th and 6th graders Environmental Science while getting them outdoors and appreciating the environment around them. Camp has made a major impact on my life before it even started – both my parents attended Tevya in the 70’s and it is where they met. I hope to continue making Tevya a place that stays between generations of families and brings campers together from all around the world.

    Jess (Barlas) Henderson: Bogrot (9th-10th Grade Girls)

    Jess Henderson Fam.2Hi! My name is Jess Henderson and I am the Bogrot Head Counselor. This is my 3rd year in the Head Counselor role and my 12th Tevya summer in total. I was in Dalia in 1986 and a Counselor in 1994. I received my 10-year mug 20 years later when I started as a Head Counselor in 2014. During the 10 months not at camp, I wear a lot of different hats, including working as a speech and language pathologist in the Framingham Public Schools. My other hats are supportive mom, chauffeur mom, making lunches mom, cooking dinner mom, basketball mom, gym mom, soccer mom, reading mom, but most importantly, a loving and lucky mom of three great kids. Zach is going into 9th grade next year, Mikayla is going into 7th, and Kira is going into 4th. All three love camp and including myself and my husband, Pete, we can’t wait to get back there! I love returning to camp to see how much the campers have grown, learn about the new experiences and adventures the counselors partook on during their year, and seeing all the smiles on both the campers and counselors faces as they return back to the Tevya bubble.

    Ben Aronson: Bogrim (9th-10th Grade Boys)

    Ben AronsonHi, I’m Ben and this will be my 19th summer at Tevya! I started as a camper in 1998 and haven’t left yet! For the past 5 summers, I have enjoyed serving as the Bogrim Head Counselor. I’ve had many other roles at camp during my time, but my favorite was teaching campers to wakeboard and waterski. Tevya is a special place for me as some of my closest friendships were made on the shores of Lake Potanipo. Memories of campfires, color war, and late night bunk talks bring a smile to my face. As the Bogrim Head Counselor I am excited to work with our team of counselors to provide our campers with the same opportunities to make memories, build friendships, and develop as community leaders. My master’s degree is in clinical mental health counseling with a concentration in expressive arts therapy. Currently, I am an advanced standing doctoral student at William James College studying child and adolescent psychology. My clinical experience includes working at a residential treatment center for boys with significant behavioral challenges. I currently am working in the Needham Public Schools as a clinical intern at Needham Youth Services. When I’m not working I enjoy waterskiing, playing hockey, spending time outdoors, and everything camp. I am counting down the days until we return to our summer home!


    Meet some of our Head Counselors and other members of the Leadership Team before the summer at New Camper Orientation, and Free Play at Camp Tevya.

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