Meet Our 2018 Leadership Team: Head Counselors

  • I am thrilled to introduce this year’s team of passionate, caring and dedicated Head Counselors.  Our Head Counselors, along with our Department Heads, work together as a team all year to make Camp Tevya the strong community that it is. They are dedicated to creating a warm and supportive environment for our campers and staff, and they are committed to the personal growth and self expression of  all.

    With four returning Head Counselors, we add Etay Gal and Jamie Marcus, who, while not new to Tevya, are new to the role of Head Counselor.

    This summer, these six Head Counselors will be providing support and guidance to our bunk counselors, our campers and even our families! They are the counselors to the counselors, and they our parents’ connection to camp.  We are all fortunate to have the opportunity to work with them as they create a brave space for expanding areas of comfort.  Stacey, Ellen, Lauren, Etay, Jamie and Ben – thank you!

    Stacey Smalley: Olot (3rd-6th Grade Girls)

    Happy Spring, Camp Tevya! My name is Stacey Smalley, and I am so excited for Summer 2018 in the Olot area! So much is always abuzz in the youngest area of the girls. Soon I will look forward to watching you make friends, giggle with your counselors and friends, learn new swimming strokes, play endless rounds of 4 square, dance and sing lots and lots! There is nothing like the fabulous chatter, energy and excitement that comes from the youngest of the girls areas at camp. Get ready for the beautiful sunrises and sunsets over Lake Potanipo at camp. The warmth of the summer sun is soon upon us! During the school year, I am a Wellness Coordinator and Latin teacher, and while I love what I do, I am ready for the energy and warm months of summer. I have been a Camp Tevya camper, counselor, and been on the Leadership Team for a combination of 16 years. Many years ago, when I was in college and a bunk counselor at Tevya, I was mostly found on the tennis courts and in the Olot area. Now it’s your time! Get ready for lots of fun and friendship this summer in the Olot area!!

    Ellen Ades: Olim (3rd-6th Grade Boys)

    Hi everyone! I am Ellen Martin Ades and this will be my 10th summer as the Olim Head Counselor.  I love that I am now on staff with so many of my campers from my first year. I grew up at Camp Tevya, and so did my four children. During the off-season, you would find me in the Cohen Camps Office working part-time as the Staff Recruiting Assistant. My other part-time job is taking care of my grandson. (Another future Tevya camper is on the way, I will keep you all posted!) In my “free time”, I love to take long walks, riding at SoulCycle, and tucking at Pure Barre. I am so excited for another summer on Lake Potanipo with my summer family!

    Lauren Fishman: Tsofot (7th-8th Grade Girls)

    I am so excited to return to Camp Tevya for my fourth summer as Tsofot Head Counselor! As a child, I went to a Jewish day camp and then to Camp Pembroke for a few summers, followed by working at a local Jewish camp. My husband, Dave, grew up coming to Tevya and is excited to spend another summer here too! I have my master’s in education and was a 5th grade teacher in Newton, MA before becoming a full-time stay at home mom to our three children, Molly (11), Sam (9), and Ethan (6.5) and our 10-month-old puppy Winnie. For the past few years I have been working from home with a global health and wellness company, helping people to become their healthiest selves, which I love! Helping people and developing them to be their best selves is also something that I love about camp. There is such an amazing opportunity for everyone to grow and learn in the camp environment. It’s very special for me to be a part of that, and the memories that are created at Tevya. I also love reading, cooking, and playing tennis too! I look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces soon😄.

    Etay Gal: Tsofim (7th-8th Grade Boys)

    Hey Camp Tevya! I’m Etay, I am 25-years-old and I live in Petah Tiqwa, which is near Tel Aviv. I am so happy to be part of the Tevya family for my third summer. I was a Tel Chai counselor during my first summer and last year I was the Head of the Israeli Delegation and Head of Shira. I am really happy and excited to be here again at my summer home, this year as the Tsofim Head Counselor. I see this summer as a great opportunity to have a positive impact on our campers and counselors, and help everyone have a fun summer. I am looking forward to helping each camper grow as a person, learn about Israel, and enjoy camp as much as I do! After completing five years service as an officer in the IDF, I started to work during the year as a musician. After this summer, I will begin studying at the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Israel. Can’t wait to come home again and see you all!

    Jamie Marcus: Bogrot (9th-10th Grade Girls)

    Hey! My name is  Jamie Marcus and I’m looking forward to spending another awesome summer (My 12th!!!) at Camp Tevya! Growing up, I spent my summers on the shores of Lake Potanipo going from camper to C.I.T., to counselor. I returned to Tevya life in 2016 as an Office Assistant and this summer I have the privilege of being the Bogrot Head Counselor! Some of my best memories are from my Tevya days, especially during my Bog summers. I am definitely the person that I am today because of camp. I am most excited about working with the counselors to help create lifelong memories and friendships for our campers. During the 10 months that I am not at camp, I am a fourth grade special education teacher in Westborough, MA. I live in Brookline (Massachusetts, NOT New Hampshire!) and enjoy taking advantage of all that Boston has to offer! I love spending time with my family and friends. I am still extremely close with my camp friends…we get together every month to have dinner and catch up. Camp friends really do make the BEST friends! Can’t wait to see you all  in 03033!

    Ben Aronson: Bogrim (9th-10th Grade Boys)

    Hey, I’m Ben and this will be my 21st summer at Camp Tevya. I started as a camper in 1998 and haven’t left yet! For the past seven summers, I have enjoyed serving as the Bogrim Head Counselor. I’ve had many other roles at camp during my time, but my favorite was teaching campers to wakeboard and waterski. Tevya is a special place for me as some of my closest friendships were born on the shores of Lake Potanipo. Memories of campfires, Color War, and late night bunk talks bring a smile to my face. As the Bogrim Head Counselor, I am excited to work with our team of counselors to provide our campers with the same opportunities to make memories, build friendships, and develop leadership skills. I hold two master’s degrees, one in clinical mental health counseling and a second in professional psychology. I am currently a doctoral student at William James College studying child and adolescent psychology. During the school year, I work as a clinician with Needham Youth and Family Services where I provide school-based and outpatient clinical services to teens in the Needham community. When I’m not working, I enjoy waterskiing, playing hockey, watching hockey, talking hockey, spending time outdoors, and everything camp! I am counting down the days until we return to our summer home!

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