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  • I was up at camp last week, and I have to admit, as I walked around the turn by the Girl’s Porch, I was wishing I could just stay. Just being in 03033 as the snow was melting got me so excited that when I got home I packed up my camp shirts, prepared to move to my favorite zip code. But I quickly realized, being on the shores of Lake Potanipo just wouldn’t be the same if I was not surrounded by happy campers and amazing staff.

    Last month, I introduced you to some of those amazing staff members, as we showcased our Head Counselors. This month I introduce you to our Program Department Heads (those who don’t live in a bunk). Next month, you will meet our Support Staff Department Heads. It is truly an honor to work with these dedicated and talented individuals.  These are  the people who work together as a team to plan the structure and the content of our activities, with a concentration on skill building and fun.

    Dan Wulf: Assistant Director

    DanHi, I’m Dan Wulf, Assistant Director of camp for the eight weeks we are together in New Hampshire. This is my 22nd summer. I spent six years as a camper, one year as a counselor in training, and four years as a bunk counselor. During my time as a counselor in the 80’s, I was Head of Photography, on Drama staff, Boating and Canoeing, and Culture at different points. Since my return in 2005, I have been Head of Shira, a Boys Head Counselor, and now the Assistant Director. My children have grown up at camp, and my wife has come up on weekends for the last 10 years and helps wherever she is needed. My mother was a camper at Tevya in the 50’s, so my kids are 3rd Generation. During the school year, I am the Math Department Coordinator and chorus teacher at Watertown High School in Massachusetts. I look forward to working with all of our staff on  teaching and curriculum development and helping them grow as educators.


    Margo Seresky: Program Director

    MargoHi! My name is Margo Seresky and this is going to be my 10th summer at Tevya. Last summer I returned to camp as Assistant Program Director after taking a four-year hiatus after being a camper from ’02-’09. I am really looking forward to this summer as Program Director! I love getting to know each camper and planning the fun daily and evening activities they partake in at camp.  From the friends I have made and the memories we shared, Tevya has helped shape the confident and outgoing person I am today. My passion for working with children has led me to pursue a degree in Early Childhood and Special Education from Syracuse University, where I will be graduating in May. After graduating, I am looking forward to moving back to Needham, MA and beginning my teaching career at The Fessenden School in the fall. When I am not in the classroom, I enjoy being with my family and friends, and being active. Tevya is my second home and summer 2015 cannot come any sooner!


    Elisa Reeves: Director of Staff Development

    ElisaHello! My name is Elisa Reeves and this will be my 13th summer at Camp Tevya. I was a camper for four summers (yay Birya ’83!), and I returned in 2007 so that my three children, Matthew (now a second year counselor), Ashley (Birya ‘15), and Daniel (Tel Chai ‘15), could enjoy their summers at camp as much as I did. While I spent seven summers as one of the Girls Head Counselors and last summer as the Program Director, this summer I will be in charge of the Staff Training. I am very excited to work with each one of our camp counselors! Prior to returning to Camp Tevya, I spent eight summers running social skill groups at a day camp for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. I also worked as a Counselor, CIT Director, Unit Head, and Head Counselor at Camp Kingswood in Maine for 13 summers.  I have my Master’s Degree in Speech and Language Pathology and have worked in two public school systems over the last 23 years.


    Andy Ades: Multimedia and Communications Coordinator

    AndyHey mates! I’m Andy and this will be my 6th summer on staff and 14th summer at camp. Over the past few years, I’ve had multiple roles including Head of Waterskiing, Assistant Head of the Waterfront, and various other roles. This summer I’ll be the Multimedia and Communications Coordinator, as well as assisting in Programming. During the year I attend Syracuse University where I am studying information management and technology. I’m currently studying abroad in Australia, taking in all that this beautiful country has to offer. You can find me hanging from trees in a hammock and a GoPro (or two…or three) strapped to my side. I look forward to seeing everyone back at camp and capturing those special moments for all those who can’t spend the summer with us.


    Heidi Lovitz: Head of Jewish Life and Learning

    Camp Tevya - July 30, 2011 - Shabbat MorningSummer 2015 marks my 15th summer as the Head of Jewish Life and Learning at Camp Tevya. I am excited to once again be on staff with my son, Samuel, who has also been at camp for 15 years! While not at camp, I am the Director of Education and Programming at Temple Beth Abraham in Nashua, NH, a Conservative congregation with 325 families. I live in Westford, MA with my husband, Peter, who visits camp on Shabbat.  My two children, Melissa and Samuel, are college students. I am passionate about Israel and Israel education. I am currently enrolled in a two year course titled Tzion, on the History of Zionism, and I am always looking forward to my next trip or next connection in Eretz Yisrael!


    Amy Jo Blotner: Head of Photography and Kolainu

    AmyHello! I’m Amy Jo and this will be my 13th year at Tevya. My youngest son, 3rd year counselor Adam Goffstein, and I followed my two older children, Matthew and Sara Zimmer, to camp and have been here ever since! I am Head of Photography and took over the creativity of building the Kolainu last summer. I love walking around camp and taking pictures of all the action so we can share the excitement of camp with our parents. I am a photographer by trade, preschool teacher during the day, and work in a running store part time for fun. I love running and for the past 5 years have mentored high school students training with Dreamfar for the Rhode Island Marathon. My newest passion is trying to learn how to salsa dance.


    Emanuella (Manu) Bilderman: Head of Tennis

    Emanuela_BildermanYes, it’s me: Emanuela (you know me as Manu) Bilderman. I will be back again as the Head of Tennis for my 9th summer! I was born in Tel Aviv and have been living in Israel since then. I have worked as a physical education teacher for the past 30 years at a high school in Holon. I live in Rishon Le Zion with my Husband, Offer, and we have three children. My whole family knows how to play tennis. When I was 16-years-old, I was the third-ranked tennis player for my age in Israel. I have been the Head of Tennis at Tevya since 2007. I am proud to have the chance to teach camp Tevya’s campers tennis, watch them improve their skills with training and fun, and see them return as tennis counselors.


    ArielleArielle Steinberg: Head of the Waterfront

    Hi, I’m Arielle Steinberg and I can’t wait to spend my first summer at Tevya as the Head of Waterfront. I’m originally from a ski-town in Colorado, and will be graduating from Syracuse University in May. At Syracuse, I am a Field Supervisor for the SU Ambulance Service, and very involved with Global Medical Brigades, organizing and leading medical/dental/public health tips to Central America. After this summer, I am planning on attending the University of Colorado for an accelerated nursing program to receive my second bachelor’s degree. I enjoy staying active, especially with outdoor activities. After growing up at a small camp in the Rocky Mountains, I can’t wait to make new memories with everyone this summer on Lake Potanipo!


    Miri Sharon: Head of Arts and Crafts

    MiriHi my name is Miri Sharon and this will be my third summer at camp Tevya. I am the Head of Arts and Crafts and loving every single thing about it! When I am not at camp, I teach at the Beth Tikvah religious school and have been there for the past 7 years. I teach Hebrew and Jewish art for kids and adults. I was born and raised in Israel where I have earned my BA in Industrial Design from Haddassa College in Jerusalem.  When my family and I moved to the states 12 years ago, I got my Early Childhood Teaching Certification and started working with the Jewish early childhood community. I have three girls who are coming with me to camp. Daya will be in Birya, Ella will be an older Tsof and Lia will be in Dalia.


    Glenn Brannon: Head of Land Sports

    GlennI’m Glenn Brannon and am happy to say this is my ninth year at Tevya. As the Head of Land Sports at Tevya.  I’m involved in the day to day instruction and in setting up game day competitions and tournaments.  We have a great staff with many of our counselors returning from last summer, and I look forward to welcoming new additions this summer. I am a high school English teacher and coach in Wellington, Florida. Over the years, I have coached both boys and girls varsity sports and am currently coaching the girls tennis team. I have coached all levels of basketball, fast-pitch softball, volleyball, and tennis. I also worked in the Adirondacks as Athletic Director at a summer camp for years. Can’t wait for summer!

    Just seeing the pictures of our department heads confirms that it is our amazing staff that make 03033 so special.  I guess moving up to camp this week without them would not give me the Tevya Spirit that I am longing for. So, like everyone else, I will just have to continue the countdown until we can all be at camp together.


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