Meet Our Summer 2013 Head Staff: Part I

  • Dear Tevya Community,

    It is only November, but I am pleased to announce that Camp Tevya’s Head Staff for summer 2013 is already in place. Following this summer, my first as Director, I was able to assess our personnel structure and make organizational changes based on camp needs. These changes include hiring an Assistant Director to oversee curriculum development in our activity departments, and adding a third Girl’s Head Counselor to supervise the Tsofot. I am excited about the direction in which we are going and feel very fortunate to be able to work with the following team members:

    Assistant Director: Dan Wulf

    I am returning to Tevya for my 20th summer, now in the role of Assistant Director. Since 1980, I have held the roles of camper, CIT, cabin counselor, and Boy’s Head Counselor. Outside of camp, I am now in my 16th professional year as a teacher in the Watertown Public Schools and have been the Math Department Coordinator since 2005. In terms of camp curriculum and instruction, my focus for the summer, I have been a Department Head (Photography and Shira) and taught B&C, Culture, and Drama. I am very excited about working with the Department Heads and helping counselors to hone their teaching craft as much as possible over the course of the summer.

    Program Coordinator: Ben Portnoy

    This will be my 11th summer at Tevya, and first as the Program Coordinator. Last summer as the Assistant Program Director, I was responsible for planning the evening activities and Saturday afternoon programming, helping with trips, game days, and rainy days, and working with the Color War Committee to plan and execute Color War. This summer I will have a lot of the same responsibilities, but will also be responsible for the daily programming schedule. Working for Tevya year-round will allow me to do a lot of the summer planning ahead of time, and enable us to enter Summer 2013 more prepared than ever. We have established a great team of Head Counselors and Department Heads, and I cannot wait to work with them to provide another awesome summer for our campers on Lake Potanipo.

    Bogrot Head Counselor (9-10th grade girls): Elisa Reeves

    I have always loved summer camp. For four summers I was a one-session camper at Camp Tevya. After my Birya summer, I applied to be a CIT at Camp Kingswood in Bridgton, Maine. I worked at Kingswood for almost 15 summers in a variety of roles: Junior Counselor, Counselor, CIT Director, Girl’s Unit Head, and Head Counselor. After Kingswood and three children later (Matthew, Ashley, and Daniel), I worked at MGH Youth Care for eight summers. Since 2000, I have been employed by Sharon Public Schools as a speech and language pathologist, where I have worked with middle and high school students.

    When my children were old enough, I decided I wanted to go back to overnight camp. Lucky

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    for me, Tevya was looking for a Girl’s Head Counselor. I knew I’d be perfect for the role. I have been at Tevya in this capacity since the summer of 2007. I love working with the older girls and their counselors, and I am looking forward to another fabulous summer.

    Tsofot Head Counselor (7-8th grade girls): Stacey Rosenfield Smalley

    I am the new Tsofot Girl’s Head counselor. I am so looking forward to Tevya summer 2013 and getting to know the girls (and boys)! I spent many summers on Lake Potanipo as a child, teenager, and young adult, playing tennis, making cool art, swimming and boating, singing camp songs, and most meaningfully, making lifelong friends with whom I still connect on a regular basis!

    I have been a Latin and English teacher for 23 years, working with the middle school population for 19 of those years. My two sons, Jacob and Matthew, will both be Olim campers and they also are excited about this new journey. My husband, Michael, will join us on weekends and intermittently throughout the summer.

    What could be better than waking up to the sounds of Lake Potanipo lapping at the shores, or watching a sunset as we engage in the ceremony of Havdalah, or feeling the excitement of game-day against another camp, or joining in to the dancing and musical spirit of a Friday night Shabbat, or observing friends walking down the road arm-in-arm? I can’t wait for it all to begin!

    Olot Head Counselor (3-6th grade girls): Beth Mintz

    I am so excited to be returning for my second year at Camp Tevya as the Olot Head Counselor. When I am not at camp, I teach preschool at Temple Beth Sholom in Framingham, and am currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Jewish Early Childhood Education from Hebrew College. My husband David and I live in Holliston. We have two children: Ashley, who is 12, and Amanda, who is 8. Both girls will be coming to camp with me for their second summer too.

    As a girls head counselor, your child’s happiness at camp is my number one priority. Please feel free to contact me at any

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    time if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to check in while your child is at camp. I had a wonderful time working with all of the children and counselors last summer and cannot wait for our 2013 season!

    Bogrim Head Counselor (9-10th grade boys): Ben Aronson

    This will be my 16th summer on Lake Potanipo and my first as the Bogrim Head Counselor. As the Bogrim Head Counselor, I will be responsible for ensuring our 9th and 10th grade boys are having an amazing summer. In my 15 years at camp I have been a camper, CIT, JC, Head of Waterskiing, Assistant Waterfront Director, Program Coordinator, helped plan staff orientation and was the Tsofim Head Counselor in 2012. As a member of the administrative team, I am excited to help our campers and staff have another amazing summer at our summer home.

    Tosfim Head Counselor (7-8th grade boys): Jeremy Wolff

    This will be my 14th summer at Camp Tevya and my first as the Tsofim Head Counselor. I am so excited to spend another summer on the shores of Lake Potanipo! In my 14 years at camp, I have been Assistant Program Director, Unit Head, worked on the windsurfing staff, trained the CITs in Israel, and was even Tevya royalty! During the year I teach middle school in Nashville, Tennessee. I am looking forward to working on the administrative team and helping to make your child’s summer their best summer yet!

    Olim Head Counselor (3-6th grade boys): Ellen Martin Ades

    This is going to be my 5th summer as the Olim Head Counselor, and I am very much the “mom” in the Boy’s Area. I am the real Mom for four great kids that have been through it all at Camp Tevya: campers, CITs, and counselors. I have also been through it all at Tevya, but that was a long time ago. So for me and my family, Camp Tevya is truly our second home. In the off-season, while I am not busy counting down the days until the next summer, I help out at my kids’ school and am on the Tevya Alumni Committee. For the past year, I have also been volunteering at a bereavement center for children who have lost a parent or sibling. I am an avid walker and love to swim. At camp, I love to play four square, go sailing and canoeing, play tennis, and even attempt to shoot a basket in a game of knock out. I believe camp is the best present we can give our children, but most of all, I love sharing my summer with all of your children, especially “my boys.”

    This week is a time to reflect on all the reasons we have to be thankful. I am thankful that I work with this talented team. I know with their commitment, enthusiasm and leadership, Camp Tevya will continue to be a spirited community that changes the lives of everyone who calls Tevya home. I can’t wait – only 220 more days!

    Look for part two of our “Meet Our Summer 2013 Head Staff” blog series coming out in December as we introduce our Department Heads.


    With Tevya Spirit,


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