One Person Can Make a Difference

  • Thank you to Melanie Steier, our Host Family Coordinator, for assisting in connecting our staff with families and for writing this post.

    As John F. Kennedy stated, “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” Camp Tevya is sending a big thank you to those families who have made a difference by hosting our international counselors on their days off. We are looking for additional families to host these young adults during second session.

    Hosting provides international counselors a home where they can relax and enjoy some “down time.” They are very appreciative and they enjoy meeting parents and alumni of Camp Tevya. During the day they will often take a train or Uber to enjoy activities such as a trip into Boston, swimming, shopping or a movie. Having a relaxing day-off, counselors go back to camp re-energized to do a job they love, caring for our children.

    Hosting will benefit you, as well as our staff. After hosting counselors, Amy Goldfine, a Tevya parent said that it was the one of the most gratifying and enjoyable experience.  “Thank you for giving me that opportunity.  And thank you for so carefully selecting such amazing individuals to take care of our children for the summer.  It does not go unnoticed. All 3 guys were so warm, fun, funny, appreciative and awesome.”

    One of our international staff members Callum Whalley said “Families are always happy to drive us, they greet us with a smile and provide well above what we expected. We couldn’t be happier.”

    If you are interested in making a difference, and be added to our host family list, please complete our host family form, contact the camp office at 603-673-4010, or our parent volunteer Melanie Steier at 

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