Ten Months for Two

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  1. Nancy Wainer says:

     It has been decades – decades – since I was at Tevya. And yet, when I read the term “Ten Months for Two” I so identified that I almost burst into tears. I counted each and every day from the day I was forced  to leave  —  well, it was the end of August and school was about to start….  I would have stayed and hidden out under my bunk and lived there for the entire year, but my parents came and literally peeled me off of the ball field and stuffed me, like pillow batting, into our car! — until the first day of camp when we drove by Aaron’s cabin and the infirmary into the camp.  And it is true: that every June since then I have wished that my old, battered, army-green foot locker was being packed by me and my label-sewing mother and that I was, for those eight, glorious, wonderful, all-too-short weeks  —  amidst verdant woodlands. 

    • Mindee Meltzer says:

      Nancy, thank you so much for sharing your Tevya memories. I love hearing the stories from people whose lives have been touched by this very special place. Years later, kids still have those same feelings about our camp. I hope you get a chance to come visit. We would love to welcome you back to camp!

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