Thank You, Tevya Community

  • Hello to all Tevya friends and families! Big news here!

    As Thanksgiving approaches, I take time to reflect on all I have to be thankful for in my life. My oldest son just accepted his first full time job and my daughter just got accepted into college. I have a healthy and loving family and I have a job that I love.

    So this feels like the perfect moment to say what I feel all year: a big “Thank You” to each and every one of you. I am incredibly thankful for this generous Tevya parent and alumni community, and the many, many people who have given so much of their time and energy to camp this year.

    I’m also thrilled–and very grateful–to share a big piece of news with you: We recently broke ground for the “Aaron and Blanche Gordon House,” thanks to a $1 million donation from alumnus Michael Leven. Michael came to Tevya as a camper and staff member in the late ’40s and early ’50s. His gift is Tevya’s largest single gift ever.

    This building will be named in memory of one of Michael’s mentors, beloved Tevya Director Aaron Gordon, and his wife. This addition to camp will directly enhance our campers’ experience at Tevya by providing housing and meeting space for senior level staff who are focused on implementing quality programs. It will allow us to host visiting rabbis, artists and specialists, giving our campers even more varied programs and opportunities.

    Here’s a peek at what is already underway:

    Gordon House 1

    Gordon House 2


    In 2014, we built the Seth Feldman Fitness Center and the Bobroff Family Beit Shira, thanks to donations from our alumni and families. These two additions to camp have already changed the lives of so many individuals. The increased focus on health and wellness and being able to hear our children’s voices throughout camp has also improved the community as a whole. This summer, our Amazon Wish List included so many new items that enhanced campers’ days.

    I am so thankful that I am a part of this amazing and spirited community, a community committed to keeping Tevya strong and evolving. I am thankful for our wonderful staff who serve as role models for our campers. I am thankful for our parents who share their children with us and allow us to partner with them in raising Jewish children. I am thankful for our alumni who are always there to help camp and to share their stories. And I am so thankful for our beautiful children, who come to camp each summer excited to learn and grow into our future Jewish leaders.

    This year, as I thank the Tevya community, I ask that you join me in a special thank you to Michael Leven for his generosity and his commitment to our campers and to the future of Camp Tevya.

    With Tevya Spirit and Gratitude,


    P.S. You can read even more about Michael’s gift in this press release

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