The Global Reach of the Tevya Spirit

  • As Director of Camp Tevya, I have the opportunity to work with many people who dedicate their time and energy to camp in the name of Tevya Spirit.  Bobby Newman, a parent of two Tevya campers and an active member of the  Tevya Alumni Group, is one of these individuals.  Last summer, Bobby made connections with all of our support staff as he provided cultural experiences to those with J1 student work visas.  This year he is asking for your help.  Thank you Bobby for all you do for our staff.

    Camp Tevya has been part of my life for 44 years.  While I have not spent each of those summers on the shores of Lake Potanipo, I maintain life-long friendships and memories to cherish.  So much of my life has been molded by my experience each summer at Tevya and is expressed year-round in what we call Tevya Spirit.

    Last summer, summer 2012, I took on a different role at Camp Tevya as we launched a new program for the Tevya International staff.  The US State Department requires those with J1 Student Work Travel Visas to supplement their summer work in the UnitedIMG_9721 States with documented cultural experiences.  On day offs the staff visited historical sites, attended sports events, spent time on the beach and participated in the other in camp and out of camp culture.  The staff saw the New England Aquarium, the Museum of Science, toured the Massachusetts State House, ate at Fanueil Hall and the North End, listened to concerts, saw homes of US Presidents, walked the Freedom Trail, visited suburban towns where our campers hail from, watched Minor League baseball and shopped till they dropped.  Tevya alumni have jumped in to help our international staff by presenting the staff with information on the area and escorting them through the sites of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

    This year we hope to expand the program as we include more Tevya families as hosts for these wonderful young men and women who support our camp.  These staff members are studying languages, law, the sciences, technology, food and hospitality, politics and other areas in their respective countries.  A few of them – Paulina, Luis, and Angel – have been to camp three or more years.  The rest of our support staff are either returning for their second year, or are friends of returning staff members.  We are so blessed to have them giving back to the Tevya community.  Their unique blend of spirit and soul keeps 03033 running smoothly.  To these young people Tevya is not a just a workplace, it is a positive reflection of both our American lifestyle and our Jewish values.

    Many of our alumni have special skills that can add to the Cultural experience of these young people.  We would love you to participate by hosting a few staff members for a night or spending a day in the area taking in American culture.  Your participation can be alone or with another family to maximize the experience for these cherished members of the Tevya family.  I myself have spent wonderful time with these young people.  I have come away learning so much about their culture and I now have a unique understanding that people throughout the world share so much in common.  By working together we can create wonderful environments for our next generation.

    Camp Tevya also has counselor staff including those from Israel and Europe.  These visitors who are taking care of our children would also appreciate hospitality on their day offs.

    Camp Tevya is made up of many diverse campers, counselors, and staff of all ages.  It is a happy family that lives and works together over two months of the year to give our young people the lasting memories that we all cherish.  Let’s welcome them to the United States by opening our hearts and homes to them, showing them what real Tevya sprit is.  Please contact me at; Bobby Newman on Facebook or at 617-921-1903 to help on this wonderful project.

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