Time Flies

  • Tonight is a bittersweet Shabbat as we celebrate our incredible first session at the same time that we prepare to say goodbye to our first session friends.  It is hard to believe that it was 3 ½ weeks ago that I stood in the rain greeting all of you as you brought your children to camp.  The time has gone by so fast and your children have grown so much.  In addition to growing taller, they have became more independent, learned about community living and made wonderful camp friends.

    Last Shabbat was quite an experience as we hosted our annual Shabbat-a-rama on Saturday morning. All around camp services were held, and campers attended the service of their choice.  Services included sign language, yoga, nature, musical, traditional, meditation and a special service for Dalia and Yavneh, our youngest campers. Thank you to our staff and our guests who led these unique and engaging services.

    We could not have asked for a better weather week for programming.  Maccabiah games broke on Sunday.  It included various running and relay races, both on land and in the water.  In addition, there were soccer, basketball and volleyball competitions.  The fun-filled day, coordinated by our Israeli staff and Goodman fellows, concluded with an awards ceremony.

    Our last week of evening activities included trips for Olim/Olot and Tsofim/Tsofot.  Both groups saw the movie Inside Out at Chunky’s.  This Tevya favorite evening trip includes comfy seats for movie viewing and table service for pizza, popcorn and ice cream sundaes.

    The talent then moved from the big screen to our own stage in El Bess as we watched the camper talent show.  The campers amazed us that night and continued to impress everyone with the Night of Tevya Arts, including a fantastic production of Peter Pan, and various musical and dance numbers highlighting the work done in electives like lids, jam band, leaps turns and conditioning, and cheerleading to name a few.  The talent displayed was impressive and it was amazing to watch our campers demonstrate all that they have learned while at camp.

    Other evening activities included a campfire, Iron Chef, Shark Tank and a beach night. And of course, a session could not end without a Siagel Social.

    As I get ready for Shabbat, I am a little sad thinking that tonight is the final Shabbat for our first session campers. I will miss seeing their smiling faces around camp, but know that I will once again be sharing Shabbat with them in just 11 months.

    Shabbat Shalom,

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