We Got Ready, We Got Set, We Trotted

  • On Sunday June 9th, the Camp Tevya Alumni Group hosted the first Tevya Trot 5k/1M road race at the shores of Lake Potanipo.  It was one remarkable day, with people flying in from around the country to join the festivities, and so many BTC years gettingTevya Trot together.  Many people who were there commented how they hadn’t been back to camp in over twenty years and this event made them fall back in love with the Tevya Spirit all over again.  Having worked on this event for a straight six months, there were so many ideas and details that had to be discussed and planned.  Overall, everyone had more fun than they ever expected, most importantly the children running the road race and the one mile race.  Thank you to all the donors who made the thought of the Seth Feldman Fitness Center a reality in the making.  We have raised over $34,000 so far!  As Bonnie Feldman mentioned ever so eloquently, “this is exactly what Seth would have wanted, to be remembered at camp through fitness”.   The event had over 180 participants with many folks running their very first 5k.  The race included some “turn back the clock items” such as the arooga sound to begin both the run and the walk, which Tevya Trotwas heard from across the lake.  Thank you to so many volunteers who helped make the day a reality and to the committee of people who made sure all items were covered.  Finally, I would like to thank the entire Camp Tevya community for coming out to support this special day for the Feldman family and for future generations of campers to come as they enjoy their new fitness center which is slated to open by Camp Tevya’s 75th reunion in June 2014. 


    Barnet Cohen (BTC 84)

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