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    The Bobroff Family Beit Shira and Seth Feldman Fitness Center were both new additions to camp in 2014.

    Over the past few years, we have been humbled by the generous show of support from the Tevya community. From facility improvements including The Seth Feldman Fitness Center and the Bobroff Family Beit Shira, to the donations and pictures on Giving Tuesday, to exceeding our Chai Match goal and donations towards camper scholarships, the commitment of our community is simply amazing. We can’t thank our community enough for their dedication to making Tevya the best it can be. What truly inspires us and makes us love what we do, however, is hearing the reasons why people decide to give back to camp.

    Tevya alum Max Weiner is one of several generous people who have recently donated an item to camp through our Camp Tevya Wish List. The Wish List is comprised of items, big and small, that will directly go towards positively impacting the Tevya experience for our campers and staff. Some of the donors are alumni like Max, others are parents of current campers, and others are currently still at Tevya in some capacity. Below, Max shares his reasons for why he gave to Tevya.


    Max at Tevya in 2003

    When I am asked about camp, immediately my face brightens and my eyes open wide. If I could talk about one thing for the rest of my life, it would be camp. People ask me to define camp and quickly I reply, “The most amazing place ever.” Thirteen unforgettable summers at Tevya helped define who I am today. When I first went on a tour of Tevya, I remember thinking that this place looked fun because everyone was laughing and smiling. At the time, I never could have imagined how much was going to mean to me. During those thirteen summers I made lifelong memories, laughed until I cried, made my best friends, and grew as a person. I could never put into words how grateful I am to have been able to spend so many summers on the shore of Potanipo.

    Max with his sister, Lilly

    Leaving camp was always the worst day of the year. The second my parents picked me up, the countdown to next summer began. My last summer at camp was special because it was my thirteenth, which made it my Bar Mitzvah year. As I drove away from camp after that summer, my eyes were filled with tears, wishing it would never end. However, I found some consolation in knowing that a new generation of campers would be going to camp next summer. Once you go to camp, you never truly leave because you are always a part of the Tevya family – one of the best families ever.
    As I sit at my desk in the “real world” wishing I was at camp, I wanted to thank camp for changing my life.  The best way to thank camp, in my opinion, is to find a way to give back.

    Max at Tevya in 2012

    There are so many opportunities throughout the year to give back to camp. As an alumni, it is always fun to go up to camp on a Sunday to help out with tours and share the Tevya spirit with new families (eating lunch in the dining hall and having amazing camp food is also a plus). Being an advocate for Tevya by sharing your camp story and the impact camp had on your life or your child’s life is more meaningful than you could ever imagine. You can also donate money or items to camp that will help with scholarships for campers or improve the facilities.

    Tevya has given me more in thirteen years than I could ever give back in my whole life. I decided to give back because it makes me happy to help out the Tevya family. Tevya is a special place that I always look forward to going back to.

    Max Weiner/Big Cat/Negev Fire Captain/Color War ’07 Winner/Unsung Hero Of Summer 2013

    Tevya means something different to everyone. For some it’s their summer home where they made their best friends and grew into the person they wanted to be. For others, Tevya is where they sent their child(ren) for a month or two every summer and saw them return as more confident, caring, and independent people. Whatever your connection to Tevya is, one thing that binds us all is that Tevya has given something to us. If you would like to give back to camp, there are many ways, as Max discussed above. Below are the links to a few ways to give back to camp.

    Camp Tevya Wish List

    Donate To Camp

    Alumni: Volunteer to Help on a Sunday Tour

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