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A bar/bat mitzvah. A birth or a marriage. A big birthday, graduation, or retirement. On special occasions or just any day, make important moments even more meaningful with a Camp Tevya Mitzvah Project or gift to support campers and the camp you love. Friends and family can join in, and together you can increase the Scholarship Fund that aids camper families–or strengthen other aspects of Tevya you care deeply about. Todah rabah, thank you VERY much!
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Request donations to Tevya in place of gifts or donate a portion of your cash gifts to the Scholarship Fund. Simply get in touch to register your event, then share it around. To register: Email Barbara Stevens, Development Director, or call her at 781.489.2070.


In Memory of my Mother,
Joan Schwartz z”l

by her daughter, Deborah Meer

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“The world can see now the great change Jews have wrought in Israel, draining swamps, making barren land useful again. Anyone can see this now, if only they stop to look. And when they do, they will realize the truth about the Jews and respect them as they deserve to be respected.”
~ Joan Teitel [Schwartz], Age 13
The Bergen Tribune in Newark, New Jersey
June, 1951

My mother, Joan Schwartz z”l, died in October 2017.

In memory of my mother, I have pledged to match any scholarship gift made to Camp Tevya, up to $5,000.

I invite you to donate at

My grandparents sent my mother to Jewish sleepaway camp each summer when she was a child, even though it was a great expense for them. My grandfather was a dentist. He worked out of their one-bedroom apartment in Newark, New Jersey, and never refused patients who could not afford to pay for his services. My grandparents lost most of their family in the Holocaust. They were passionately committed to the formation of the State of Israel and to nurturing a strong Jewish identity in my Mom, their only child. Among my mother’s affects I found the lovingly preserved pictures of her as a camper, and later as a counselor, at Camp Young Judea.

My parents continued this tradition by sending me to Camp Tevya, part of the Cohen Camps. I know from my time at Tevya, and now, watching my children at Tevya, that camp is and was the foremost powerful, positive influence in shaping our Jewish identities and pride.

The need for scholarships is great:

  • One in four Cohen campers receives some form of tuition assistance from the Cohen Camps.
  • Last year, across all three Cohen Camps, there was a seven percent increase in financial aid provided to families.
  • There are still families in need of camp tuition assistance.

There is no more crucial time than childhood to shape one’s Jewish identity. There is no time more critical time than now to do it. And I believe that there is no more effective way forward than camp.

In Tevya Spirit,
Deborah (Schwartz) Meer (Birya ’88)

with Avery (Tel Chai ’21), Lucy (Birya ’24) and John Meer