Music at Camp Tevya

Music plays a very special role at Camp Tevya. Music helps us come together as a community and allows us to share in the passion of the Tevya Spirit. Music can be felt and heard all over camp – from our all-camp Shabbat shira sessions, to breakout shira sessions in the Dining Hall, to singing the Birkat HaMazon after meals, to music emanating from our Bobroff Beit Shira, and to the bunks. Whether we’re singing an original Tevya song that’s been sung at camp for generations, or “I Want it That Way” by The Backstreet Boys, there’s nothing like the joy of belting out a song with camp friends by your side. Below is a sampling of Tevya songs that were recorded by our 2018 Jewish Arts Festival campers. We hope new campers will have fun learning a few Tevya tunes before arriving for their first summer, and returning campers will enjoy some Tevya favorites.

Tevya Spirit

Lake Potanipo is where I like to go
It brings such special memories, in my heart, the feelings flow
The summer’s finally here, Camp Tevya we all share
To sleep among the stars at night, with all our friends so dear

We know this place so well
It’s a good time we can tell
Stay and learn as we pass the time
In the rain, or sunshine
Tevya spirit lives on and on and on
It holds us together and it keeps us strong
Tevya spirit lives on and on throughout the year

Softball, volleyball it really doesn’t matter
We’re gonna have a good time together
Find what you like to do and do it
Soon you’ll find there’s really nothing to it

Bogrim! Bogrot! We really like the other
Tsofim! Tsofot! We’ll have a great summer
Olim! Olot! There’ll always be another
Year at Camp Tevya


Hey, Hey, Camp Tevya

Welcome to camp this year, so glad the summer’s here
So many times to share, let’s start to
Throw all our cares away, we can start now today
Listen to what I say, to what I say

We’ll have some good times together, yes we will
So don’t you worry about rainy weather (Don’t you worry!)
Music will be our sunshine, to light up every day
In our own special way
So join us and say (Everybody say…)

Hey, Hey, Camp Tevya
We’re gonna learn from one another each day
Clap your hands, join together
It’s why we come to share, our love is in the air
It feels so good inside to know… we’re at Camp Tevya.

Come be a friend of mine, we’ll have a real good time
Passing the hours away, we’re going to
Learn how to sail the sea, tennis and archery
Be the person you want to be.


Don’t Let Go

Bill: Hey, Hi there, how are you doing?
It’s been a long, long time
We’ve had our dreams to find

Steve: Hey, Hi there, I can’t complain
Still I think of summer days
In oh so many ways

Both: But they’re gone now
Only to return when you smile at me
And we remember what we’ve learned

Don’t let go, of your dreams
Don’t let go, when it seems
That you’re leaving happiness behind you
Don’t let go, you will find
That the friends, left behind
Will live on and on… forever

Bill: Life’s been good, I’ve done all that I could
And now I’ve come to see
What those days have meant to me

Steve: Ah yes, I do agree
But look at you and me,
Friends for life we’ll be

Both: But we’ll go now,
Only to return, when you smile at me
And we remember what we’ve learned…


Bill: So good-bye my friend
Steve: No, say hello my friend
Both: My friend, welcome home, again…


Tevya Alma Mater and Rad Hyom (sung after all-camp Evening Activities)

Alma Mater

Amid verdant woodlands
Beneath pure azure skies
Protected by mountains
Our own Tevya lies

She stands in her beauty
Blue waters by her side
A part of God’s country
Majestic and dignified

Camp Tevya we will pledge to thee
Our everlasting loyalty
We offer you our strength, our love, forever more

With faith in our purpose
With strength to achieve our aim
We’ll strive for Camp Tevya
Bring glory to her name

Rad Hyom

Rad Hayom
Shemesh dom
Kochavim, notzezim, bamaron
Lilah Bah, l’mnuchah

Day is done
Gone the sun
From the lake, from the hill, from the sky
All is well, safely rest
God is nigh

Birkat HaMazon (sung after every meal)

Modeh Ani (sung every morning around the Flag Pole)

Mo mo mo mo mo mo (x4)
Modeh ani l’fanecha
Melech chai v’kayam
Bi nishmati, b’chemlah, b’chemlah
Rabah emunatechah (x3)

Heiveinu Shalom Aleichem / Welcome to Camp Tevya (sung to welcome special guests to camp)

Heiveinu shalom aleichem (x3)
Heiveinu shalom, shalom, shalom aleichem

We welcome you to Camp Tevya
We’re mighty glad you’re here
Rah! Rah!
We’ll set the air reverberating
With our mighty cheer
Rah! Rah!
We’ll sing you in, we’ll sing you out
We’ll raise a mighty shout
Hail, hail, the gang’s all here,
And you’re welcome to Camp Tevya!