Take the Photo Tour

  • The Flagpole with the Dining Hall and the Office in the background.

  • Hip hop on the Dance Mats.

  • The Dining Hall with tables set for Friday night Shabbat dinner.

  • Singing the Birkat Hamazon after lunch. In our Kosher Dining Hall, sitting family-style creates community.

  • Overlooking the Soccer Field.

  • Practicing skills on the Soccer Field.

  • The Pavillion

  • The Pavilion is a beautiful indoor space used for Shabbat services, dance classes, fitness classes and a variety of other activities.

  • The Bobroff Family Beit Shira right in the center of camp allows our campers' voices to carry to all corners of camp.

  • Campers participating in a lively Shira class.

  • Shooting hoops on the Basketball Courts with Elbess in the background. We have two high school size basketball courts, each with adjustable Goalrilla rims.

  • Aside from daily Volleyball activities and electives, Tevya hosts and participates in a variety of tournaments: volleyball, tennis, basketball, softball, soccer, track, archery, ultimate frisbee, and swimming.

  • Archery Range

  • Elbess is our indoor, multipurpose gymnasium and stage. We use it for drama and music activities, as well as all camp evening activities.

  • An all-camp selfie inside Elbess.

  • The Upper Tennis Courts

  • Tennis is a widely played sport at Tevya as campers practice skills in bunk activities, electives, and during Free Play.

  • Tennis instruction on the Upper Tennis Courts.

  • Street Hockey on our outdoor sport court.

  • Softball on the Tsof Field.

  • The Boys Area has 12 bunks and 1 Head Counselor Cabin in the middle of the area that is staffed 24 hours a day. The Boys Area has 3 Head Counselors, 1 for each age group: Olim (3rd-6th grade), Tsofim (7th-8th grade), and Bogrim (9th-10th grade).

  • All bunks have electricity and bathrooms with hot water and showers. Each bunk has 3-4 counselors and 10-18 campers.

  • The Gaga Pit

  • Challenge yourself on our Traverse Wall!

  • The Ropes Course

  • On the Ropes Course, campers use teamwork to work toward a common goal.

  • Tevya is situated on gorgeous Lake Potanipo. Our expansive Waterfront offers 5 swimming cribs, sailing, boating and canoeing, windsurfing, paddleboarding, waterskiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, a water trampoline and a water couch.

  • Jumping and lauging on the water trampoline.

  • Hanging with friends on the water couch.

  • Waterskiing is one of our most popular electives.

  • The waterskiing elective gives campers the opportunity to kneeboard or get up waterskis or a wakeboard for the first time.

  • All of our swim instructors are Red Cross certified lifeguards and WSI.

  • The Boating & Canoeing area

  • A peaceful day on Lake Potanipo.

  • The Girls Area has 15 bunks with 1 Head Counselor Cabin, which is also staffed 24 hours a day. The Girls Area has 3 Head Counselors, 1 for each age group: Olot (3rd-6th grade), Tsofot (7th-8th grade), and Bogrot (9th-10th grade).

  • Bunks typically have 10-18 campers with 3-4 counselors. Each camper gets their own dresser, cubby, hanging space and area to personalize as their own.

  • Cartwheels on the Bog Field.

  • Softball on the Bog Field.

  • Walking through the Girls Area with the Seth Feldman Fitness center ahead on the right.

  • The Seth Feldman Fitness Center reflects our commitment to promoting health and wellness among our campers and staff.

  • One on one instruction during a weightlifting class.

  • Making bead necklaces in Arts & Crafts.

  • Campers showing their creativity and patriotism in Arts & Crafts.

  • Developing pictures in the Photography Room.

  • The Nature Area is always busy as campers learn camp craft skills and how to take care of animals.

  • Our petting zoo is stocked with chickens, ducks, and bunnies.

  • Sunsets over Lake Potanipo are awe-inspiring.

Scroll through the photos here to sample life at Camp Tevya! Scroll down the page to read about our beloved Lake Potanipo and our full range of facilities.

The best way to find out about any camp is to experience it in person. Camp Tevya welcomes tours all year, plus hosts information sessions throughout the Northeast to introduce prospective families to our spirited camp family. Please click the button at left to contact the office and schedule your visit.

“They absolutely loved it and can’t wait to go back next year!”
~Tevya Parent

Beloved Lake Potanipo

The view of Lake Potanipo greets us each morning at Camp Tevya, and its sunsets send us to bed with a smile on our faces. We can see the lake from our arts & crafts studio, from our fields, from many of our bunks. On its sandy beach we play volleyball and relax with friends; in its waters we swim, boat, canoe, paddle, waterski, and grow skilled and confident. Lake Potanipo brings us together, and being together on its shores draws campers and alumni alike back to camp.

Many people at Tevya like to say they “live 10 for 2,” thinking about camp all year until they can return for the two months of July and August. Please enjoy a blog post on living “Ten Months for Two” by former Camp Director Mindee Greenberg, who counts herself one of these people.


  • 600-acre, New England-style campus, shaded by tall pines
  • Cabins have electricity and bathrooms with hot water and showers
  • Health Center staffed 24 hours/day by licensed nurses
  • Kosher dining hall
  • Large beach on beautiful Lake Potanipo, equipped with canoes, kayaks, sailboats, motorboats and volleyball
  • Beautiful, airy community building for Shabbat services and other gatherings
  • Gymnasium/Performance center
  • Fitness center with weight room and barre
  • Tennis courts
  • Basketball and volleyball courts
  • Gaga pit
  • Athletic fields
  • Photography darkroom
  • Videography equipment
  • Arts studio for ceramics, painting, jewelry-making, fun with fabric and crafts
  • Farmyard of rabbits, chickens and ducks
  • Various other buildings for indoor activities

Tevya is a special place. It is so warm, inviting and safe for my children.”
~Tevya Parent