What Parents Say

“They absolutely loved it and can’t wait to go back next year!”

“Tevya brought an extremely positive Jewish outlook for my daughter!”

“My son came home with a stronger bond to his Judaism and the state of Israel.”

“The environment is so positive at Tevya. The counselors are great role models and are really enthusiastic. The kids are very friendly and welcoming to new campers.”

“We were pleased with every aspect of Camp Tevya. They are terrific with communication and have an amazing staff. We felt very confident in leaving our daughter at camp for the first time.”

“I have seen my children develop a sense of independence and the ability to work out solutions with others without adult intervention.”

“We appreciate the supportive and nurturing environment. Everyone is made to feel special and successful.”

“Tevya is a special place. It is warm, inviting and a safe place for my children.”

“We love the Tevya spirit and sense of community.”

On Dor L’Dor, the Cohen Camps Israel capstone experience:
“Dor L’Dor was a life altering experience for our daughter. When we spoke with her on the phone we have NEVER heard her sound more excited, engaged, enthusiastic and happy IN HER LIFE. THANK YOU for providing this wonderful program.”

What Campers Say

“I loved the people and friendship and the activities and staff.”

“I love camp because of the friendships I make, and not just in my age group. I also love the traditions of camp – Tevya Spirit.”

“Camp Tevya fills our days with fun.”

“I got a lot better at basketball and water skiing.”

“I feel like I was really a part of camp. I had friends in my bunk and in others. I liked the mixed tables I sat in during meals. I also felt that my counselors were really taking care of me.”

“Best summer ever!”

“I loved camp and can’t wait for next year!”