Video Gallery

Share in Tevya’s warm summer memories through this collection of videos.


Color War 2021

Weekly Video 1

Weekly Video 2

2021 First Session Slideshow

2021 Second Session Slideshow



Color War 2019

4th of July Fireworks Over Lake Potanipo

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Weeks 4 & 5

2019 First Session Slideshow


Color War 2018

Israel Day!

2018 First Session Slideshow

2018 Second Session Slideshow


Camp Tevya View from Above

Color War 2017

2017 First Session Slideshow

2017 Second Session Slideshow

Shabbat at Camp Tevya


Color War 2016: Experience the spirit and passion of Color War


Life Is Better With You

Color War 2015: Experience the spirit and passion of Color War

2015 Second Session Slideshow: Unique GoPro footage and pictures from Second Session 2015

KTY Goes to Attitash

Spirit Night 2015!


Lake Potanipo is Where We Like to GoPro

Color War 2014

2014 Second Session Slideshow

2014 First Session Slideshow

Opening Day 2014

Trip Night!

Square Dancing with the Tsofs

Camp Tevya’s Ice Bucket Challenge

The Beit Shira: Take a peak inside our brand new Beit Shira

Take a lap around snowy Tevya