Kolainu 2016: Chapter 77 3/4 – The Tevya Spirit Challenge

Kolainu 2016: Chapter 77 3/4

Welcome to Chapter 77 3/4, the hidden chapter of Kolainu 2016! Congratulations on making it this far. Now that you’re here, the real challenge begins.

The Tevya Spirit Challenge: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will involve posting a series of pictures or videos showing your true Tevya Spirit and tagging @CampTevya #TevyaSpiritChallenge (Instagram or Facebook). The first 5 campers or counselors to complete the challenge will win some free Tevya gear and a special prize for their bunk this summer. Here are your challenges:

  1. Favorite Picture Challenge: Post a picture of your favorite camp picture and briefly explain why. Could be a bunk photo, a picture from a Kolainu, a picture from CampMinder, or a picture you took with your camera from the summer.
  2. Tevya Mannequin Challenge: Post a video with at least 3 of your camp friends doing the Mannequin Challenge while wearing Tevya gear.
  3. Summer Home Challenge: Post a video of you, or a picture of a letter you wrote, explaining why Tevya is your summer home. What does Tevya mean to you? How has Tevya helped you become your best self?
  4. Birkat Challenge: Post a video of you and your camp friends and/or family singing the Birkat Hamazon at a kitchen table.
  5. T is for Tevya Challenge: Post a video of you and your camp friends singing “T is for Tevya” OR post a picture of you and your camp friends spelling out “TEVYA” with your bodies.

Have fun, be safe, and be proud of your Tevya Spirit posts!