Michael Jeser Legacy Fund

The Michael Jeser Legacy Fund was established by Michael’s family and friends to honor his memory on the shores of Lake Potanipo, a place that meant so much to him. His influence and leadership impacted everyone who knew him.

Michael was a central figure for countless Tevya campers and counselors through his 14 years as a camper, counselor, and head counselor.  Michael’s presence at camp was larger than life, his positive aura was contagious, and his infectious good-will, humor, and kindness brought out the best in hundreds of young people.

The Michael Jeser Legacy Fund at Camp Tevya is refurbishing and enhancing the Bog Field—and renaming it the Michael Jeser Bog Field—to honor his spirit and memory at this beloved camp community activity spot. The Fund will improve the field, replace the bleachers, redo the infield, and install a plaque so his name will live on here at Camp Tevya. Thanks to the contributions of everyone below, generations of Tevya campers will know who Michael was, as his spirit lives on and on and on – throughout the years.

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Michael Jeser Legacy Fund | Camp Tevya

Devin Abramowitz
Karen Acrish
Arielle and Andy Ades
Ellen Ades
Jennifer Adler
Mindy Engle Agosta
Jonathan & Allisa Alpert
Mitchell Bautista
Mollie & Jon Becker
Alan Bell
Jillian Benson
Ariel and Carrie Berger
Sara, Doug, Noah & Eva Berkson
Andrew Berlinberg
Berman Family
Karen Binder
Julie Blacker
Jason Blasbalg
Jeremy Blasbalg
Julie and Jeff Blasbalg
Andrea Shatz Bloch
Joseph Brachfeld
Bev and Lenny Brand
Carl Brand
The Brand Family
Doni Brass
Amy Brauner
Ali Kenner Brodsky
Lori Brody
Matt Bushell
Leigh Calarco
Sara Cantor
The Chaikin Family
The Chase Family
Rebecca Chasen
Randi Chudnow
Shira Citron
Susan Citron-Lyman
Mark Cline
Lindsey Cohen
Sally Cohen
Emily and Aaron Cooper
Daly Family
Scott Desatnick BTC’90
Philip Drasner
Seth Drasner
Matthew Dworman
Lynne Shapiro Eisenstein
Stacy Kaufman Emanuel
Jonny Epstein
Alexandra Etscovitz
Jon and Ally Fass
Karen Friedberg Fass & Eric Fass
Adam Fisher
Adrienne and Neal Fishman
Lauren and David Fishman
Maya Florence
Matthew Fox
Avery Freed
Melissa and Ross Friedberg
Nancy and Alan Friedberg
Beth Friedman
Ronnie Friedman
Friedman Family
The Fritz Family
Phanny and Sam Frommer
Shai Fuxman
Sheri and Rob Garf
Adam Gauchman
Carri Gaudion
Lori Bean Geisinger
Andrew Gelles
Samuel Gettler, MD
Becky Gilligan
Becky Wasserman Gilligan
Carrie Gilmore
Rachel Gingold
Hilary Forman Ginsberg
Andrew Gladstein
Barry Glassman
Ilana Goddess
Kristen and Jonathan Goldberg & Family
Jonathan & Kristen Goldberg & Family
Robert Goodwin
Gabi Granoff
Andy Gray
Brian and Rachel Greenberg
Jeff Greenstein
Lauren, Jeff, Max & Ben Greenstein
Rosanne and Harvey Greenstein
Stephen Greenstein
Ashli Greenwald
David Gunzburger
Michael Gustat
Sharon and Josh Hanna and family
Zachary Hentoff
Higgins Family
The Hill Family
Ian Hodes
Jill Hofer
Hoover the Labradoodle
Sandy and Jack Jagher
Adam Jaslow
Faye & Paul Jeser
Andrew and Danleigh Kaplan
Jaime S Kaplan
Richard Kaplan Family


Dierdre and Noah Keimach
Daniel Kramer
Glenn Kramer
The Kramers
Adina Kurzman
Erica Gilefsky Kyrouz
Amy Lane
Lauren Cohen
Michelle Leen
Lefkowitz Family
Andrea & Mike Leven
Sophie Levine BTC’03
Rochelle & Donald Levy
Katie Liberman
Michelle and Allen Lieberman
Aaron Lipskar
Beth and Norman Loberant
Josh Loberant
Richard London
Michael London & Family
Alison Lubin
Deb Maltzman
Nancy-Jamie-Scott Marcus
Marissa Mastors
Jennifer McCullum
Lee Mills McGrath
Stephanie Wang McTigue
Elizabeth and Ruben Menashe
Andrew Miller
Cindy Miller
Michael Miller
Jonathan Modest
JB Morris
Cari Shabot Moulton
Randi Nagel
Mitch Nelles – CYJ ❤️ Michael
Michael Oelbaum
Omin Family
Kim and Raph Osnoss
Sarah and Joe Osnoss
Barbara Pack
Toni Passerman
Corey & Dave Penn
Heather Penn
The Penn Family
Mollie Warshaw Perlin
Ruth and Joel Perlin
Jennifer Perlmutter
Stacy Sawyer Pollack
Jill Shapiro Pollard
Brian Portnoy
Ina and John Portnoy
Ariel Price
Stephen Prince
Amy Grodsky Ratner
Kaitlyn Robrock
Ira Rogers
Mark, Karen, Olivia & Henry Rogol
Jessica Schary Rosenberg
Jessica Rosenthal
Kerri Rothschilds
Elliot Rotstein
Ben & Caroline Rubin
Rachel and Jeff Sarasohn
Loren Schaffzin
Lee Schneider
Larry and Margaret Schoen
Ali Sganga
Alex Shapero
Rabbi Lori Shapiro
Davey Siegel
Susan and Bob Sigel
Sigel Family
Rebecca Silver
Matt Silverstein
Mike Silverstein
Sam Singal
Scott Sisun
Sarah Sloane
Leah Altman Smith
Solomon Family
Dan Speicher
Melissa Spencer
Aimee & Eric Sprung
The Sprung Family
Amy Goldstein Staub
Ilene and Richard Stellar
Aaron Stibel
Liz Stillman
Monica Swain
Stacey Tavel
Evvy and Dan Teres
The Teres Family
Ben Thaler
Barrett Tindell
Erica Weiner
Max Weiner
Maxwell Weiner
Charlene & Steven Wendel
Jillian Wiseman
Melyssa Wright
Tamar Wyte-Lake
Jennifer and Adam Yellin
Fredda and Bob Zaiger
The Zaiger Schwartz Family
The Zaks Family
Lindsey Zarwell
Adam Zimmerman


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